The story behind Nordkapp Campers

I’m Alberto Roura, my camping journey began back in the 80’s going camping with my parents, no aircon, 3 brothers and a caravan hanging to the back of our family car which took us all around Spain back then.

Good memories indeed!


Well, that’s me getting addicted to camping


Once adult I kept going camping (or glamping) whenever I could. I proudly travelled and camped in not only most European countries, but also through Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. I can say I drove a camper van in almost every surface, inclination and weather conditions.


Campervanning in New Zealand


The problem with van conversion companies

Don’t get me wrong, there is a ton of good camper van workshops out there, but only a few focuses more in planning rather than just improvising. From the customer needs to the responsible use of natural resources, the conversion process in Nordkapp Campers is more an engineering challenge with a design in mind than a quick fit-all-you-can job.


Everything is measured, designed and improved



+25 years transforming vehicles

The concept of “vehicle transformation” runs deep in my DNA. I grew up in a family where the business was always around vehicle repair, transformation, restoration and compliance. Only talking about general vehicle transformation, we are in it for more than 35 years, including some heavy duty stuff like race cars, truck-based ambulances for disasters, 4×4 rescue Land Rovers and custom-built firetrucks.

Building camper vans was a natural next step where to apply all those hard-learned skills as compliance, safety and space usage are #1 priority.


My dad’s workshop on the news (back in 2000)