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Why “Nordkapp”?

North Cape, which is Nordkapp in Norwegian, is the northernmost point in Europe you can drive to. It awaits in Northern Norway, ending a long drive on the European route E69 and right after crossing a 6.8-km-long ‎& −212-m-low undersea tunnel. The cape consists of a flat plateau on top of a cliff that serves as one of the natural separation points between the Arctic & Atlantic oceans.

Nordkapp represents that lifelong mission of finding our true north that we (as lifetime travellers through all continents, adventure seekers by foot, bike, car or van. Also cultural explorers who learn, embrace and immerse in the places we visit) keep looking for.

I’m Alberto Roura and, as a campervan maker, I want to embed all that macedoine of experiences & feelings right into the designs and builds. For me, Nordkapp is more than a place. Nordkapp is a lifestyle, a passion and an ever-evolving set of core values.


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